Melinda's  Crafts and Collectibles is centered on creating charming crafts – of all kinds! – that are uniquely designed and created by hand. 

My name is E. Melinda and I'm a dedicated wife and mother. I love God, my family, my community and of course crafting. My days are pretty full with a husband and three children but also rewarding.  There are so many things that I absolutely have no control over. So, being able to provide a happy home to them allows me to make a positive investment in their lives (one that I hope and pray they'll always remember).

Overall, I'm a fun-loving, extroverted person with a detail oriented mind.  I typically create every product myself so that those qualities are reflected in my crafts. (I'm not saying that my husband wouldn't do just as good of a job, but he has been known to leave one or two household projects undone.) 

Melinda's Crafts and Collectibles was birthed from making everyday items with my sisters for family and friends.  I strive to outdo myself with each new offered product.  My vision for each project is that it boasts classic appeal, but with a unique and witty edge. I feel that this concept is the perfect formula for beautiful pieces that you'll want in your home! 

P.S. I enjoy a challenge and love customizing, so if you see something that you like, but want it tweaked, just email.